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Title: Can We Fast-forward Till You Go Down On Me?
Series: Evangelion
Word Count: 5305
Rating: M
Characters/ships: Kawoshin
Summary: A fight with an angel leaves Shinji feeling a strange heat he can't ignore
Warnings: one dub/non-con kiss, but that's about it
Notes: Kink meme fill - prompt: Kaworu/Shinji - sex pollen/angels made them do it, dubcon

“High energy reading detected in the target!”

Shinji gripped Unit 01’s controls tighter, hanging back and bracing for whatever the Angel was going to fire at him. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled, the blood in his veins freezing as he remembers the last time he heard those words spoken over Eva’s communication system. To say that it was unpleasant would be a severe understatement. The Angel starts to glow as he sees movement out of the corner of his eye. He looks to see Unit 06 moving in to strike, rifle in hand. Shinji’s already frantic heart kicks into overdrive at the sight.

“Nagisa-kun, wait, don’t-”

With a deafening screech, the angel unleashes what it had been charging. A blinding arc of light, rushing outwards towards the evas. Shinji turns his head away and clenches his eyes shut, shielding his vision. He feels the light flood over his eva, feels it sinking into him, somehow. Strangely, it doesn’t hurt. It feels warm. Somewhat uncomfortable, somewhat pleasant. He shudders, trying to place the feeling as the light dissipates. He opens his eyes again just in time to watch Unit 06 open fire at the angel, landing direct hits on the Angel’s core. With another deafening screech, the core cracks, and the angel explodes into a torrent of blood. A mess of sounds on the communication system follow.

“Target eliminated!”

“Systems show no injuries or contamination to the pilots, and both Evas are undamaged.”

“Shinji-kun, Nagisa-kun, you can retreat now.”

“R-right,” Shinji says. He fidgets in his seat a bit as he moves the controls, returning the Eva to his elevator. Even with the angel defeated he still feels . . warm, hot even. It isn’t an unfamiliar feeling for Shinji, but he ignores the obvious explanation. It doesn’t make sense, there isn’t any reason he should be feeling . . . like that after an angel battle. Even if it did some weird light thing. Though, considering what an angel made of light did to Asuka’s mind, it doesn’t seem impossible that one could toy with his body. But why?

Shinji shakes his head as he and Unit 01 are carried back into NERV. No, no, that’s wrong, he’s just overthinking it. He just got worked up in the fight. He had gotten too worried about Kaworu, is all. He briefly wonders if Kaworu is feeling the same effect.

He thinks of Kaworu getting hot and bothered, their pale skin painted red with heat. Kaworu breathing heavy, leaning close to him. Kaworu pressed right against him, moaning his name. Shinji shudders again.


It doesn’t help when Kaworu rushes over to him after they’ve reached the cage.

“Ikari-kun, are you alright?” They ask, breathless. Shinji looks away, staring up at his Eva instead of into Kaworu’s lovely, lovely eyes.

“Ah, y-yeah, im fine,” he manages to stammer.

“Are you certain?” Kaworu presses, stepping closer.

“Yeah, im fine, really!” Shinji says. He dares to look up at Kaworu, smiling, hoping that it helps to convince him, but oh does he almost immediately regret that decision.

Kaworu’s cheeks are flushed a light pink from the blood rush of the fight, their breathing still uneven and rough. Shinji is frozen, feeling his mouth go dry and his heart speeds up again. His whole body feels hot, the heat pooling and circling between his legs. It all doubles when Kaworu smiles at him.

“Hmm, I’m glad then.” They turns, stepping back again. “Shall we go change, then?”

Changing. Taking off plugsuits. Kaworu naked. Kaworu naked in the same room as him. Shinji swallows.

“Uh, right, sure,” Shinji says. He walks past Kaworu, leading the way so he doesn’t have to look at him and embarrass himself. He hurries to the changing room, moving immediately to his locker without looking at anything else. He’s extra-anxious about stripping around Kaworu because of the heat flaring in his body, but he can’t mention it, can’t raise any sort of suspicions. He releases the air lock on his suit, doing his best to focus only on that as he hears Kaworu moving behind him.

“Would you still like to come over to my place this evening?” Kaworu asks.

Shinji tenses.

Say no say no say no you can’t be around them like this they’ll think you’re disgusting, they’ll hate you

But Shinji has no excuse, there’s no way he could get out of this without looking odd or suspicious. He swallows once.

“Sure, of course!” He says, in forced cheerfulness.

“Im glad! I quite enjoy your company, and . . .” He hears Kaworu say, trailing off at the end.

Shinji’s heart skips a beat and the hairs on his neck stand on end as he swears he can feel the pale pilot looking at him.. He dares a glance backwards, his desires trumping any reason or anxiety for a moment. He nearly stops breathing at the sight of Kaworu. Their red eyes half-lidded, lips parted slightly as they seem to stare at Shinji’s exposed body. Shinji tries to ignore the sudden throb between his legs.

“Uh, i-is something wrong?” He says as he quickly, sloppily, pulls up his boxers and pants. Kaworu blinks and starts, as if snapped out a daze.

“Oh, um,” they clears their throat. “No, nothing. Sorry.” They turns back to his own clothes, buttoning their shirt as their face reddens. Shinji’s heart hasn’t calmed at all as he fastens his belt, the sight of Kaworu staring at him playing on repeat in his head. He bites his lip, trying to think of something else, but it doesn’t help, he thinks only of Kaworu’s pale skin, their lidded eyes, the color in their cheeks. His hands fumble with his belt, with his shirt buttons, but somehow he manages to get dressed on his own. After tying his shoes and turning back around, Kaworu is standing behind him just like before, dressed and ready to go with less red painting his face.

“Ready to go?” They asks. Shinji nods, hoping a non-verbal answer will do as he doesn’t quite trust his voice to hold steady. He follows Kaworu as he walks out of the room. The pair walk together in silence. It’s comfortable, and Shinji is almost able to settle down completely. He enjoys the look of the sky as the sun goes down. There aren’t many people on the street at this hour, and it almost feels like him and Kaworu are in their own little world. He briefly considers reaching out for Kaworu’s hand, taking it in his own, but he doesn’t trust himself to stop his touching of Kaworu there.

Eventually the pair pass a small convenience store, and Kaworu stops. They looks back at Shinji, smiling.

“You can go on ahead, I just have to pick up a few things.” They says.

“Ah, sure,” Shinji replies, continuing past them. “I’ll see you at your place then.” He says, his body flaring hot again at the thought of Kaworu’s bedroom, Kaworu’s bed. He again tries to shake of those disgusting thoughts, but it’s still useless. He makes his way to Kaworu’s apartment, hating himself a little more with each hot shudder that passes over his body. He tries desperately to distract himself and think of something else, but somehow every single thought loops all the way back to Kaworu. The thought of Kaworu’s body, of Kaworu breathless and panting below him or above him. Which position would they like best, Shinji wonders. . .

He stops in his tracks, biting his lip and clenching his fists. He shouldn’t be doing this, he shouldn’t be walking casually to Kaworu’s apartment. Not when he’s having these disgusting thoughts, his body acting up in such perverse ways. If he mentioned it, or if he couldn’t control himself, Kaworu would definitely hate him. They would shove Shinji away in disgust, call him gross and pathetic. They wouldn’t look at Shinji with warmth and soft smiles anymore - only revulsion and hate. Shinji imagines those sweet red eyes turning venomous and it’s almost enough to make his boiling blood turn to ice. He should just turn around now, run away to Misato’s place, call Kaworu later and say he wasn’t feeling well. Anything, anything that would keep Kaworu from hating him.

As his right hand twitches, clenching and unclenching, someone reaches out to grab ot, locking their fingers together. Shinji looks up quickly, shocked at the sudden contact. He almost shudders when his gaze meets warm red eyes.

“Is something wrong, Ikari-kun? You looked troubled.” Kaworu asks quietly, their cheeks still dusted pink. With just those words, with just the slight contact of their hands pressed together, Shinji feels all his tensions and fears somehow flow away and double at the same time. The conviction he had to run away was gone now, burned away in another flare of heat because of the boy standing so close to him. Shinji breaks their held gaze, ashamed.

“N-no,” he lies “it’s nothing.”

Kaworu hums, obviously having seen through Shinji’s weak front, but does not comment on it. He merely pulls Shinji along, the bag from the convenience store swinging noisily at his side. Shinji briefly wonders what he had purchased. Snacks maybe? Perhaps they were finally heading Shinji’s nagging about eating properly. The thought would make Shinji smile, if not for his current situation.

Kaworu silently leads Shinji the rest of the way to their apartment, holding Shinji’s hand the entire time, only letting go when they have to pull out the key to their door. They grasp Shinji’s hand again when it’s open, the touch so light it hardly feels like it’s there. Kaworu pulls Shinji across the entrance, in a manner that Shinji could almost see as seductive. But there’s no way it could be, Kaworu isn’t dirty like he is, Shinji thinks. Another round of shame washes over him, and he can’t look at Kaworu as the door closes behind them. It feels like a burden, like he’s being locked in a cage. He swallows.

“N-Nagisa-kun, um. . I-I’m sorry, but I really don’t think I should be-”

Before Shinji can finish, Kaworu lets go of his hand, grips Shinji’s shoulder and pushes him against the door. Before Shinji can think, pale lips are pressed against his own, hungry and desperate. Kaworu’s body is pressed against his, shifting around as his hand slides up to cradle the back of Shinji’s head. Shinji melts at the kiss and the mess of heat coming from the both of them before panicking and realizing oh god he’s already getting hard.

Kaworu pulls away from the kiss, their breath hot on Shinji’s face as they both pant. Their face matches the hue of his red, red eyes, and their face is etched with all the longing and doubt Shinji had been holding back since the Angel’s attack. They lean their head against Shinji’s shoulder, breaking their shared gaze just as Shinji had before.

“I’m the one who-who should apologize, Ikari-kun, I . . .I took you here without being entirely honest with you. Doing such a thing without asking permission . . .” They sighs, starting to pull away “I would understand if you wished to le-”

Their sentence breaks of with a gasp as Shinji takes his turn to interrupt, pulling Kaworu close again and kissing his neck. Kaworu moans, the sound making Shinji shudder as he continues, adding his tongue and teeth as he pulls Kaworu’s body against his own.

“Nagisa-kun,” He pants against Kaworu’s neck as the paler boy gasp and sighs. “Nagisa-kun. . .Nagisa-kun, I need you, I . . . I want you so badly, Nagisa-kun.”

Kaworu doesn’t reply, only whimpers as Shinji starts to rub against them. Shinji moans when he feels Kaworu getting hard too. The two of them start to move farther into the room together, tangled together and kissing everywhere they can get their lips. Both of their button downs are off by the time they fall onto the bed together, and Kaworu’s purple undershirt is already half off, Shinji’s hand splayed along his pale torso.

Shinji props himself up on his elbows to get a good look at Kaworu. Their face is flushed red, and his pale neck is already darkening in spots from Shinji’s tongue and teeth. They’re panting, their chest heaving in and out. Shinji’s eyes trail down Kaworu’s frame, taking them in - the red in their cheeks, the marks on their neck, their stomach and hips exposed from their shirt being pushed up, the swell in between their legs. He moans, pressing his face against Kaworu’s neck as he presses their hips together, rocking his own hardness against Kaworu’s.

Kaworu whines, wrapping their legs around Shinji’s waist, pressing their bodies tighter together. “I-Ikari-kun . . I .. I need . . . “

Shinji groans, nipping at Kaworu’s neck and relishing the way it makes their hips jerk up into his before he lifts his head to look at Kaworu’s face. “Mm? Wh-what do you need?”

Kaworu fidgets, breaking Shinji’s gaze and suddenly looking unsure. Shinji frowns, reaching to pet Kaworu’s hair softly, the movement so soft and gentle it seems completely at odds with the rest of their situation. Kaworu looks back at him again, smiling softly, thankful for the bit of extra attention and affection. They reach up, threading their fingers through Shinji’s hair.

“I . . I want t-to touch you, and.. . I want to. . . need to . .feel you all over me, feeling how lilin merge their bodies as much as they can a-and. . I - I” Kaworu ducks their gaze again, looking to the side and biting their lip,their face flushing red again. After a moment they sigh, still not looking up at Shinji’s face. “I . . .I want to make you feel good, I . . .want to make you c-come.”

Shinji moans, the suddenness of such a comment, so lewd for someone like Kaworu, making him fall apart all over again. He starts rocking his hips earnestly, pressing himself against Kaworu’s body as hard and as fast as he can, his body burning as Kaworu responds, panting and whining, their legs tightening around Shinji’s waist. Shinji pants against Kaworu’s neck, his voice hoarse when he speaks again.

“M-me too. I want to make you feel good, t-too, Nagisa-ku-”


Shinji pulls back again, pausing their movement to blink in surprise at the pale mess underneath him, his own face practically as red as Kaworu’s eyes. “wh-wha”

“Call me Kaworu.” They reiterate, panting quietly. They rock their hips up against Shinji’s, desperate to return to that wonderful friction. “Please.”

Shinji nods. “Then, call me Shinji . . .” He says, without thinking about it. He barely registers Kaworu nodding before moving again, burying his face against Kaworu’s shoulder. It feels so good. . .the feeling of Kaworu underneath him, squirming and rocking against him, making all of those tantalizing little noises. They throw their head back in a low moan, arching their neck. That pale skin exposed and looking so tempting.

Kaworu-kun . . .” Shinji breaths. He shifts slightly, pressing against Kaworu’s neck and kissing it hard, sucking on the skin and lightly nipping at it, sure to leave a mark.

Suddenly Kaworu arches, gasping loudly as their body twitches against Shinji’s, their toes curling against his back. Shinji continues to kiss and suck and nip at their neck as they come, leaving them a gasping, panting mess. Finally, with a high whine and another good jerk of their hips they relax again, body limp and languid, legs still loosely wrapped around Shinji’s waist.

Shinji pulls back again, Kaworu’s lazily falling from his body as he moves. A quiet whine escapes his throat as he takes in the sight below him. Kaworu sprawled out underneath him, face as red as their lidded eyes, mouth hanging open to catch their breath, dark spots already forming on their neck, their shirt pushed up to their chest, and their pants completely untouched even as he shudders in aftershocks. Eventually Kaworu makes a quiet noise, shifting and looking up at Shinji.

“Ah . . . Shinji-kun. . .”

The two of them move at once, pressing their lips together in a hot, deep kiss, just as desperate as the first. Kaworu wraps their arms around Shinji’s neck, pressing up against him again. Shinji shudders and groans into Kaworu’s mouth, his own need making itself uncomfortably obvious in his pants.

Then Kaworu is the one to move, suddenly and roughly pushing Shinji, making him fall onto his back on the bed. Shinji blinks up at the other pilot, who quickly busies themselves with kissing along Shinji’s jaw.

“I said,” they pant against Shinji’s skin “that I want to make you feel good.”

Shinji squeaks ineloquently, his heart thundering so hard in his chest he’s afraid it’s gonna burst through his skin. Even more so when Kaworu tugs at his shirt, quickly pulling over Shinji’s head. They sigh longingly, hands running up Shinji’s sides as they kiss between his clavicle. “Shinji-kun . . .”

Shinji groans quietly as he watches Kaworu move, their body almost cat like with how they slide down his torso, peppering kisses all the way. Kaworu pauses right before his navel, darting their eyes up meet Shinji’s. They grin, their smile breathless and light and the sight makes Shinji moan, head arched back as his hips jerk up impatiently.

“K-kaworu-kun, please. . .”

Kaworu hums against Shinji’s skin, lips pressed against his hips as they kiss along Shinji’s beltline. Then, finally, finally, they’re right between Shinji’s legs, hands hurriedly undoing his belt and tugging it off, tossing it to the side before they make quick work of Shinji’s pants button and zipper. Shinji can’t help but moan again as Kaworu quickly removes his pants and boxers, relieving the pressure. He shivers as the air of the room, much colder than his body heat, wraps around his member. He arches hard with a gasp as he feels something wet and soft slide against his sensitive flesh.

Biting his lips, Shinji looks back down, whining at the sight of Kaworu working. Their face still flushed, one hand cupping the base of Shinji’s cock, they run their tongue along it, groaning and humming as if they were tasting some kind of rare delicacy. Just as Shinji processes the sight in front of him, Kaworu shifts, taking Shinji’s cock into his mouth and sucking, swirling his tongue around the tip. Shinji moans, his back arching as he reaches down, tugging at Kaworu’s hair.

“K-ah! K-Kaworu-kun!” Shinji moans, his legs trembling as Kaworu starts to move, bobbing their head up and down Shinji's length, sucking hard. Shinji dares another look at them, and almost loses it completely. Kaworu was so into it, their eyes closed and brow furrowed in concentration. It’s so much better than Shinji had ever dared to imagine late at night or in the shower when his only company was himself. Better than any shameful dream that made him duck his gaze from Kaworu during school.

Shinji knows he’s getting close, he can feel his muscles tightening and the fire low in his stomach getting hotter and hotter. He closes his eyes again, arching his head back until he hears Kaworu make another quiet noise, like a grateful groan. Shinji peeks down again to see Kaworu palming themselves through their pants as they continue to pleasure Shinji. And that’s what makes him lose it.

He gasps, his whole body arching and tensing. White hot sensation, more intense than any previous orgasm he’s ever had, completely overwhelms him, blacking out his senses as everything fades to him and Kaworu and this moment between.

“A-Ah, h-holy shit.”

Eventually he collapses back against the bed, his body still reeling in aftershocks. His eyelids flutter, trying to open but he feels too fucking good to keep them open for very long. Did Kaworu feel that good? Was this part of the angel did to them?

Just as he’s thinking that, he hears a whine above him. He finally opens his eyes long enough to see Kaworu over him. Their face flushed, their red eyes half lidded and their lips shiny with spit and pre-come. Shinji notes with a blush that their isnt a drop of cum anywhere on Kaworu’s face or torso, and he shivers at what that implies.

Shinji-kun,” They whine again. They dip down, kissing along Shinji’s jaw. “Mmm, I’m sorry, Shinji-kun, I just - I still need-”

Shinji interrupts them, shifting and pressing their lips together in a hungry kiss, hands reaching up to tangle in Kaworu’s hair. “Me too,” he breathes against Kaworu’s lips between kisses. “I still need you, Kaworu-kun.”

Kaworu whines, falling back and pulling Shinji on top of them. Shinji shivers, the implication that Kaworu prefers to be on the bottom making him hotter. He wastes no time in returning the favor, moving to kiss Kaworu’s neck, remembering how worked up it got him.

He’s not disappointed, and sure enough Kaworu is writhing and moaning underneath him, their voice high and needy. Their hand moves down their torso, reaching to palm at themselves through their pants again. Shinji intercepts them, pulling away Kaworu’s hand and backing away from their neck. Kaworu looks up at him, a questioning whine in their throat. Shinji doesn’t respond, just smiles at Kaworu before shifting slightly, moving back just enough to sit between Kaworu’s legs.

He quickly takes care of Kaworu’s belt and pants, opening them and sliding them down just enough to get to their cock. He licks his lips at the sight of that pale skin flushed almost as red as their eyes, the head dripping precome. Shinji eagerly grabs hold of it, stroking it and twirling his thumb around the tip. Then Kaworu is the one to interrupt.

“W-wait, Shinji-kun, ah, u-um. . . th-the bag.” The stammer.

In the haze of his heat it takes Shinji a moment to realize what Kaworu’s referring too. He turns, fumbling over the side of the bed. His fingers brush the plastic bag from the convenience store, and he quickly fumbles inside of it, grabbing at it’s contents. It feels like a box and. . . some sort of bottle? He pulls them up, inspecting them.

oh . . . “

He’s sure his face is as red as Kaworu’s eyes now, too, and he finds himself absolutely bewildered at what he holds in his hands. A box of condoms and a bottle of lubricant. His gaze darts back to Kaworu, who fidgets, apparently similarly embarrassed.

“I-I went ahead and bought them, w-when i stopped because I-I . . .all I could think of was-”

“you want me inside you?” Shinji interrupts, his voice quiet and breathless.

Kaworu makes a small squeak in embarrassment, looking anywhere that isn’t Shinji and biting their lip. After a moment they finally meet his gaze and nod.

It seems like hardly a moment passes before Shinji’s lips are on Kaworu’s again, pressing hard against them and sliding their tongues together, the kiss hot and deep and sloppy. Kaworu responds in turn, wrapping their arms around Shinji, panting and groaning into his mouth. Shinji moves, pushing their pants and underwear farther down their legs, Kaworu kicking them off the rest of the way. After a moment’s thought, Shini is pulling at their shirt too, instructing Kaworu to lift their arms as he tugs it up, the fabric ruffling their hair and making it look even fluffier with static.

Shinji leans back again, sitting on his haunches as he takes everything. Both him and Kaworu are totally bare, panting slightly and shivering from chill and arousal. Shinji swallows.

“S-so, um, do you want me to start?”

Kaworu nods. “Ah, uhm, y-yes, please.”

Shinji chuckles, enamored as Kaworu’s use of polite language even when they’re doing. . . . this. He moves, settling back down onto the bed, sitting on his shins between Kaworu’s legs. He reaches for the bottle again, feeling his face heat up as twists off the cap and takes off the seal. He pokes a finger in before screwing the cap back on. It feels . . .slippery. Which Shinji supposes makes sense. It’s almost like hand soap. He replaces the cap, quickly pumping some lube into his hand because he doesn’t want to overthink it, and his body is getting needier and needier the more he ignores it.

He takes a deep breath, looking back up at Kaworu and nodding. They seem to understand his message, and they scoot closer, positioning their legs around Shinji, their thighs cradling his hips. With another moment’s thought, Shinji leans back, grabbing a pillow that had fallen of the floor and positioning it under Kaworu’s hips, supporting them. Kaworu smiles up at him, grateful.

With another deep breath, Shinji starts, rubbing one lubed finger against Kaworu’s entrance, messaging his muscles and applying lube at the same time. He had read about this, a couple times. When he couldn’t sleep and the glow of his laptop screen became very enticing. He looks up at Kaworu again.

“R-ready?” He asks, his voice shaking a little. Kaworu nods.

Shinji presses forward, slowly pushing his finger in. The lube makes it surprisingly easy. He pumps back and forth, stopping when he hears Kaworu make a soft noise.

“D-does it hurt?”

Kaworu hums again, shaking their head. “No . . . it feels kinda weird, but,” they sigh, shuddering. “I-it doesn’t hurt.”

Shinji nods, pumping a few more times before squeezing on more lube and adding another finger, starting to stretch and scissor Kaworu. Kaworu gasps, their hips jerking up.

“Ah, I think .. i-it feels good. . .”

Shinji laughs breathlessly, feeling his cock twitch as Kaworu’s face starts to flush bright red again. “ha. .. already? Y-you’re really sensitive, aren’t you . . .”

Shinji bites his lip as he continues, the strain of ignoring his own arousal getting worse as Kaworu’s toes start curling, as they start squirming, their voice coming out in quiet whines and squeaks. Once he can fit three fingers in, Shinji pulls back, reaching for the box of condoms. Through some miracle he doesn’t spill them all over the bed. Though his hands are shaking slightly as he pulls one out. Weather it’s from nerves or arousal or both, he isn’t sure.

One he gets it open he rolls the condom over himself, shivering a bit at the cold lubricant inside. He pumps some over himself too, wanting Kaworu to be as comfortable as possible. Angling his hips, he positions himself against Kaworu, hands gripping their hips. He looks up at Kaworu with a questioning whine, asking to continue. When Kaworu nods, he pushes forward.

Shinji gasps as he pushes inside, shivering as tight heat wraps around him, sucking him in. It was so much, so much sensation all at once, and just like before, when Kaworu’s mouth was around him, it’s all he can think about. All he can think about is the feeling of being inside Kaworu, the sight and sound of Kaworu’s shoulders arching, their head thrown back in a loud moan, just as enraptured as Shinji. When Shinji’s hips meets Kaworu’s backside he all but collapses on top of them, burying their face into Kaworu’s shoulder.

“Kaworu-kun . . .” he breathes against their skin, kissing up their neck between murmurs. “Kaworu-kun, Kaworu-kun . . “

“Sh-Shinji-kun!” Kaworu whines, arching against Shinji as he kisses them. Shinji almost smirks to himself. Kaworu really is sensitive, especially their neck. He doesn’t have long to ponder this before Kaworu is tugging at his hair “M-move.”

Shinji nods, pushing himself back up and re-adjusting his grip on Kaworu’s hips. He pulls out slowly, shuddering at the friction on his cock, before pushing back in, the feeling making him gasp. He groans, thrusting in and out of Kaworu. He tries to keep something resembling a steady pace but it’s too good it just feels too good.

And Kaworu really isn’t helping matters, not with how they openly moan and writhe on the bed, already moving their hips to meet Shinji’s thrusts. Their head is thrown back again, their eyes lidded and brow furrowed, mouth hanging open in an incredibly open display of sexual pleasure. Shinji groans, practically jumping forward to close Kaworu’s mouth with his, sliding their tongues together, tasting Kaworu. Kaworu moans into his mouth, one hand tangling into Shinji’s hair while the other slides up his chest, their fingertips rubbing at one of Shinji’s nipples.

It all proves too much for Shinji, and soon enough his hips are snapping hard into Kaworu’s, pounding them hard and fast. By now their legs are wrapped around Shinji’s waist again, pulling Shinji in deeper. Precome drips from their cock onto their stomach, making a mess. They’re even louder now, their voice barely coherent.

“Sh-Shinji-ku- oh! hah . .oh, god, Shinji-kun!”

Shinji grunts, sweat dripping down his legs in exertion. “Kaworu-kun,” he chokes out, panting as he moves. Kaworu writhing underneath him, their hands exploring their chest, and their tight heat wrapping around him all drove him wild, making him forget that anything outside of this room and this moment exists. He wonders how much longer he can last, each movement and each wave of pleasure pushing him further and further beyond what he thought the could handle. He can’t remember feeling anything like this before in his life.

Sighing, he pulls one of Kaworu’s hands away, kissing it, before pressing it down into the bed, squeezing it. “K-kaworu-kun . . . d-do you feel good?”

Kaworu nods frantically, a high whine in their throat. “ha. .. mmhm .. I - ah! S-so good, Shinji-kun.” they groan, legs tensing around Shinji. “mm, t-think I’m clo-ose.”

Shinji nods, leaning down to kiss at their jaw again. “me too. K-kaworu-kun, you . . .you feel so /good,/ Kaworu-kun.”

Kaworu groans again, squeezing Shinji’s hand. They move Shinji’s face towards them, kissing him hard and deep again, moaning into his mouth as they taste his tongue and his lips. Shinji inside of them, filling them up. Everytime Shinji moves he hits the spot inside Kaworu that sends white hot, electric sensations up his spine. Their whole body is singing, every nerve dedicated to feeling this pleasure, feeling Shinji love them with his whole body. Shinji hits that spot again with a particularly hard thrust and then Kaworu is gone, arching and gasping, hand squeezing Shinji’s, their muscles tensing. It would almost be painful, if it weren’t for the white hot, indescribable rush of pleasure spreading through their body, making their toes curl and their brow arch, come spurting onto their stomach.

Kaworu’s orgasm proves to be the last straw to push Shinji over the edge, the sight of Kaworu absolutely lost in pleasure, and the sensation of them tightening around Shinji’s cock, everything finally making him reach his limit. He moans, arching back and shuddering hard as he continues thrusting into Kaworu, riding out the sensation for as long as possible. He can’t feel anything else, can’t think of anything else, not even how this is very possibly the best orgasm he’s had or will ever had. His whole body is alive, every nerve in his body singing in a pleasure he’s never felt before.

After a few more breathless gasps, he collapses down onto Kaworu, falling on top of them in a boneless heap, not minding the mess on their torso. He pulls out of Kaworu, just enough energy left over to peel off his condom and toss it into a nearby wastebasket. The two lie there, unmoving, utterly exhausted, the heat in their bodies finally sated.

Shinji hears something that almost sounds like a breathless murmur of his name, and they look up to see Kaworu smiling at him, a look of sheer love and contendedness on their face. Shinji makes a small noise in his throat, moving to kiss Kaworu again. This kiss is different from all the others. It’s slower, sweeter, almost chaste in how they move their lips together. They continue, the pair lazily kissing and humming against each other’s lips before they easily drift off to sleep.


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