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Title: Can We Fast-forward Till You Go Down On Me?
Series: Evangelion
Word Count: 5305
Rating: M
Characters/ships: Kawoshin
Summary: A fight with an angel leaves Shinji feeling a strange heat he can't ignore
Warnings: one dub/non-con kiss, but that's about it
Notes: Kink meme fill - prompt: Kaworu/Shinji - sex pollen/angels made them do it, dubcon

“High energy reading detected in the target!”

Shinji gripped Unit 01’s controls tighter, hanging back and bracing for whatever the Angel was going to fire at him. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled, the blood in his veins freezing as he remembers the last time he heard those words spoken over Eva’s communication system. To say that it was unpleasant would be a severe understatement. The Angel starts to glow as he sees movement out of the corner of his eye. He looks to see Unit 06 moving in to strike, rifle in hand. Shinji’s already frantic heart kicks into overdrive at the sight.

“Nagisa-kun, wait, don’t-”

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Title: Tonight A Black Out
Series: Evangelion
Word Count: 5514
Rating: PG-13
Characters/ships: Kawoshin
Summary: Some loops, Kaworu feels heavy with grief and hurt.
Warnings: Abuse, self-harm, Anxiety/panic attacks, depression and self-loathing.
Notes: Sharkie wanted Scar-kissing fic but I don't think she was expecting something kind of dark like this. Title is from Sic Semper Tyrannis by mae. A lot of my headcanon for this fic comes from the fic Lavender Hydrangea by monomiko which you should read because it's good. and sad. but hey, it's kawoshin. 

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Title: Some Understanding And a Little Love
Series: Evangelion
Word Count: 3262
Rating: PG? Maybe a rly light PG-13 for discussion of sex?
Characters/ships: Kawoshin (Asexual!Kaworu)
Summary: Shinji grows concerned about what Kaworu's feelings for him really are.
WarningsMentions of anxiety and what could probably be considered a panic attack.
Notes: Written for the Asexual Awareness Week Fanworks collection, and because Aceworu has been my headcanon for the longest time.

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Another NGE Kink Meme Fill

Title: I'm Outside the Door, Invite Me In
Series: Evangelion
Word Count:
Rating: PG-13
Characters/ships: Kawoshin (Campus Apocalypse)
Summary: Shinji isn't sure he likes Ayanami anymore, and he has to worry about Kaworu's definition of "being close."
Warnings: None.

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Fill for the NGE kink meme, with a prompt of Kaworu and Shinji skinny dipping.

Title: And Im Going Under
Series: Evangelion
Word Count: 1723
Rating: M
Characters/ships: Kawoshin (First draft edition)
Summary: Shinji Ikari isn't sure why he's at the lake again with the boy who rejected him.
Warnings: Brief mention of self harm and self loathing

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Yee I made a fic blog


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